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Impossible dream?

By February 24, 2016July 15th, 2018Sales Process Media

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.”

attributed to Yogi Berra among others…

In theory, one could create enough digital content (image, text, audio, video and various combinations) that is good enough to totally eliminate the need for a professional sales person.


There are just too many nuances, endless situational uniqueness, and those pesky, fickle human decision-makers and influencers. But is it worth giving it a try?

Consider the following extremely common situation…

Sales rep makes a call on customer champion. They discuss:

  • The value proposition for the latest proposal
  • Difficult objection X
  • Innovative application Y

The call goes great. It’s clear that the deal is done as soon as Executive A and Executive B:

  • Understand the value proposition for the latest proposal
  • Understand the fallacy in difficult objection X
  • Understand why innovative application Y needs to happen NOW

But the sales rep simply cannot get meetings scheduled with A and B. The rep needs to depend on not-so-articulate-or-persuasive internal champion to address those three key items. If the champion flubs any of the three with either of the execs, the proposal is a no-go.

Do you ever want to depend on somebody else to explain your value proposition, answer a tough objection for you or try to stumble through an attempt to generate excitement about a creative new application? Ever?

Maybe it’s time to start chasing that impossible dream.

What if you had:

  • A short video of the sales rep delivering the value prop
  • An audio podcast of another customer debunking the objection
  • An infographic depicting the new application

Your internal champion can surely get both A& B to watch the video, listen to the podcast and look at the infographic. (And as a bonus, those same bits of digital content reinforce all the facts for the champion. Makes champion a bit more articulate and persuasive!)

In other words, what if you were chasing that impossible dream? No, the human sales rep is never going away. But digital tools – image, text, audio, video and combos – will absolutely provide a sales-cycle-shortening-win-rate-increasing sales boost. Time to name an “SPM Czar” and begin producing Sales Process Media?

Think about it…



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