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I’m Elite! (…according to Delta Airlines)

By October 20, 2011July 15th, 2018Radio

Virtually all of us settle for achieving far less than we could actually achieve. Mostly it’s because we’re constantly inundated with an endless barrage of baloney about how special we are.

Work for a large corporation?  How often are you fed some version of the message, “Our people are our most important asset,” or “Respect for the individual,” or “Our success began with you?”

Employed anywhere?  How often are you told what a fine job you’re doing? Even when nobody, including you, your boss and your boss’s boss, has no idea just how to measure the value of what you contribute?

How often do you feel really, really good about some task you just completed? You know, when you feel like King Kong because in your heart  you know you exceeded your own expectations?  (These situations are the most potent – and therefore the most dangerous – senders of BS, feel-good messages.)

We all need to be on the alert for false praise.  Especially when WE are the source.  Otherwise, we’ll be on a relentless path toward mediocrity.  Here’s yet another example that got me re-focused.

I rolled into LAX after two intense days working a Dreamland Radio gig at a WEFTEC trade show for our client, Water Online.  My partner and I conducted 47 interviews with C-Level execs that were broadcast live.  Exhilarating, interesting, hugely educational, fun and mentally D-R-A-I-N-I-N-G.

No worries…  In just two days, we had met and established relationships with 47 decision-making executives, 100% of which could benefit from our services.  Every one of them is now an active prospect.  I was feelin’ like King Freakin’ Kong!

There’s more!  I was on Delta’s list for an upgrade to a first class seat.  I displayed my Million-Miler luggage tag.  I reflected on the at least weekly notifications of my exalted status for years …decades actually.  I was thanked at check-in for being such an important, high-status customer. I got a free cup of coffee.  Not only am I an awesome businessman, Delta knows it and treats me accordingly!  So I check on that upgrade.  There’s a first class seat open!

I’m 36th on the list.

36th!!!  Seriously???  Me?  The super-special me?  Talk about putting things back in perspective.

So here I sit.  In coach.  Typing out this story on my iPad.  (At least having an iPad makes me cool, right?). Having come back to earth, the doubts creep back…  Do those 47 execs really have a notion of the power of Trade Show Radio to drive revenue?  Is my follow-up plan strong enough to close deals with them?  Will I actually be able to execute the plan effectively?

Eeeeessssshhhhhhh…  I guess I still need to get up tomorrow and work my butt off.  Nobody out there seems to truly appreciate my genius.

And you, my gentle reader…  Have you ever met with, talked with and planted a super-sticky, business-related memory into the minds of 47 C-Level execs in less than 48 hours?  Schnick and I just did.  With Trade Show Radio.  Maybe you ought to click the link, read about it, then call one of us.