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I’m addicted to podcasts

By February 18, 2010July 15th, 2018Learn!, Podcast

I’m addicted to podcasts.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Continuous learning is essential. Our world moves really, really quickly and change is rampant.  I fear becoming obsolete.
  • Podcast content is of extremely high quality and value. Sure, there’s lots and lots of superficial garbage out there, but it’s easy to find more good stuff than I have time to listen to.  (Wander around the podcast section of the iTunes Store, check out iTunesU, do a Google search.  Pick one, listen to an episode or two, be brutal with unsubscribing.)
  • Podcasts are free. Well, not all of them are free, but again, it’s easy to find more free stuff than I have time to listen to.
  • Podcasts enable me to expose my brain to lots of knowledge without consuming more of my time. I fill in the dead spots of my day.  While I’m working out (yes, belly notwithstanding, I actually do work out!), driving, standing in line at the %*&# airport…
  • The variety of topics available is nothing less than astounding. Doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, or what happens to pique my interest at any given moment.  I’ve got something relevant and interesting available.

Is it clear that I’m strongly urging you to get addicted as well?  Wander and search as noted in the 2nd bullet above and/or check out a few of my personal favorites:

When you find another good one, let me know!

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  • Jeff Wolfe says:


    Reading your post reminded me of the conversation you had with me a few years ago. Ever since that time, there has not been one day when I didn’t heed your advice!

    Since that time, my vehicle has become “Automobile University.”

    I share your addiction and am grateful that you took the time to “infect” me a few years ago.


  • Rick says:

    Intervention! I agree podcasts are a great tool for personal continuous improvement. And a must learning tool for those who “don’t read”.

  • Rick – You’re so right about the “I don’t read” crowd. It’s understandable give the time pressure that’s on all of us. Podcasts – which can be added on top of our “intellectual dead time” – provide the perfect solution to the continuous learning challenge.

  • Jeff,

    Your comment makes me feel a bit like a drug pusher… Thanks!!! Feeding the brain is an addiction we all need.

    Can I use your “Auto U” tag line to help promote my E-Rep concept?


  • Todd Schnick says:

    Love the Auto U idea. I am stealing that too!

  • Hey, Schnick – I stole it first!

  • Jeff Wolfe says:


    I wanted to point out the tremendous difference that you made by spreading the word about podcasts, because often times we never know the impact we may have down the road with our words and actions.

    By providing this information in your blog, others are able to benefit from this sound advice.

    I don’t recommend replacing reading with podcasts. Podcasts should feed our constant desire to learn while we are on the go. I’m always reading a book or two, while I am listening to podcasts and audiobooks during drive time.

    Todd and Todd,

    Please feel free to use the “Auto U.” I borrowed it from Zig Ziglar, ironically from one of his podcasts…

  • Jeff,

    Excellent point about reading. Probably will always remain the #1 source of learning. The more voracious the better.


  • eggdogg25 says:

    I discovered Podcasts a month ago, now I can’t stop looking for and downloading interesting subject matter. I discovered iTunes several weeks ago, a gold mine of Podcasts! I feel I can learn from a lot of them while I work 8 hours as a janitor.

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