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If Ya’ Gotta’ Eat Three Frogs, Eat The Big One First

By June 16, 2010July 15th, 2018Best Practices

I’ll never forget that coffee mug.  It was the second year of my sales career, and I had finally submitted a proposal that got me invited to “present and defend” in front the powers that be in the executive conference room of one of my key customers.  It sat in the middle of the table.  Papa frog, mama frog and baby frog, smiling happily under that goofy slogan.

It was so grossly out of place amidst all the high powered execs, oil paintings, mahogany, lush carpet, silver coffee service, etc.  Being as intimidated as I was, I didn’t mention or ask about it.

While I don’t remember if I ever got that particular order, I did do a lot of business with that account over the next few years.  And it finally did hit me that rather than goofy and out of place, the mug was placed and positioned brilliantly.

Which frog are you eating right now?

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