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I Said It Wouldn’t Happen. I Was Wrong

By April 25, 2011July 15th, 2018E-Rep

I can get away with telling Todd Schnick he’s out of his mind because he’s my partner and my friend.  (…and the fact is, sometimes I really do think he’s nuts.)  He’s also, as Anthony Iaanorino has said, “wicked smart.”

He’s broken a significant chuck of the code on how to use social media to engage decision makers and influencers in an intelligent discussion.  Less than a month ago, we he told me he was going to get Guy Kawasaki as a guest on Intrepid Radio.  (One the original members of the ’84 Macintosh marketing team, best selling author and all around uber-successful entrepreneur.)  “Good luck, goober,” was my reaction.

Crow-eating time!

He pulled it off . That seals it.  Reaching out to, and establishing a relationship with that “key person” is eminently doable – for anybody.  Not that it’s quick or easy.  Schnick’s just one more example of busting butt for 10 years to become an overnight success.  Ya’ probly’ oughta’ learn more about how he thinks though.  Google him…

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