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Huh? What?

By November 17, 2011July 15th, 2018E-Rep

Whenever I use the either of the terms “Content Marketing” or “e-Rep,” I often get that, “Huh? What?” response. On the one hand, that delights me. Intelligent Content Marketing deployed via an e-Rep is quickly emerging as an extremely powerful sales and marketing strategy, and YPS is well-versed in helping folks apply it as part of an overall, disciplined process.┬áThis ought to turn into a heck of a profitable line of business for us!

On the other hand it dismays me.

How can such a simple concept, implementable using widely available, mostly free, “cloud” resources combined with the existing knowledge and experience of your team be so painfully ill-understood? Can I afford to wait around for demand to build up? Obviously not. So here’s a thought…

Sign up for this free course in Content Marketing. As you progress through it, keep three things clearly in mind:

  1. Absorb, retain and apply all the free insight into the power of Content Marketing
  2. Recognize that the course itself is a component of our e-Rep. In other words, we’re providing value to you, at your convenience, at no cost via my “electronic alter-ego.” Hopefully that will boost our credibility with you a bit, and enhance our business relationship with you a bit.
  3. How can you use your content, deployed via a similar e-Rep, to establish and develop relationships with your customers and prospects?

Sign up here. Learn, absorb and apply on your own. And someday – maybe – buy a bunch of services from The YPS Group e-Rep.

Think About It…