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Hey, Mom!!! I’m In The Top Million!

By May 5, 2010July 15th, 2018Metrics

Part of me feels really dumb doing this post.  But another part of me is kind of proud.  Yet another part reminds me that it’s bad form to self-promote in your own blog.

So I hope you’ll cut me some slack…

The dumb part is actually feeling great about and broadcasting the fact that The YPS Group web site finally cracked Alexa’s top million barrier.  Feel good about being the 989,401-st most popular web site in the world?  Well, yeah.  Back in October ’09, our site sat at number 10.2 million and we set a goal of 1 million by the time I spoke at the Control System Integrators Association annual conference on 4/30/10.  The topic was “Every H-Rep Needs An E-Rep,” and I wanted some hard data to show how an Electronic Sales Rep, an E-Rep, could serve as a powerful assistant to a Human Rep, an H-Rep.  We missed, but only by 5 days.

So, yes.  I am proud of passing over 9 million other sites.  It’s proof that it can be done.  It’s also proof that focusing on and sharing as much information, knowledge and insight as possible with a target market is all that’s needed.  As an unexpected side benefit, I find that all the writing has made me a faster learner and better speaker.  Both good things for a sales process consultant.

So what’s in it for you?  Ummmm…  Maybe some inspiration to create and develop your own E-Rep?  An example of one method for measuring your web presence effectiveness?  A reason to believe that YPS is a great company?  🙂 Just kidding…  You promised to cut me some slack with this post, right?

Thanks to Stone Payton and Todd Schnick for providing the inspiration and a bunch of know-how!

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