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Henly Shelton of Compliancy

By June 30, 2011July 15th, 2018Value Proposition

Doing business in “BRIC?”  That is, Brazil, Russia, India or China?  You just might be putting yourself and your company at risk – BIG TIME RISK – unless you know and are complying with a whole host of U.S. and international laws.  Is what you call a “Business Gift” considered to be a “Facilitation Payment” or a “Bribe” according to the FCPA, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

Knowing the difference can literally mean going to jail vs. going home at night.  Seriously…  One company made a $5 million profit, but got hit with a $21 million fine.  Another made $22 million, got a $300 million fine and the executive in the middle of it all is now in prison.

Dreamland Radio is always focused on the numbers, the “hard-facts-only” ROI of a business case, but frankly, we’re not quite sure how a prison sentence factors into the cash flow calcualtion.  We’re trying to figure out if this interview is the spookiest we’ve ever done, or more like the most important Public Service Announcement in our history.

Henly Shelton, VP of Sales & Development for Compliancy, told us that a $350-500K investment might just enough to prevent those sorts of ugly consequences.  Is it worth the risk?  Don’t know about you, but he has our attention!

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