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Help ’em make better decisions

Virtually everything I read about how to differentiate products and services from the competition uses the phrase “differentiate your products and services.” And of course that makes sense. It bugs me though, because it frames the question much too narrowly.

Differentiating your organizational knowledge – not just your products and services – is what really matters.

trainingHard to do! But ya’ gotta’ start somewhere. Becoming great at decision-making – and more importantly helping your customers become great at decision-making – is one way to begin.

Think of all the times you’ve had a sales rep tell you that the customer is just making a bad decision; not considering everything and therefore a sale is lost. Think of all the times in your own career when you’re dead certain the customer decision team is making a bad decision for their organization; not considering everything and therefore a sale is lost.

Fact is, most managers in most organizations have gotten about as much training as you got to be a sales manager. Zero! Zilch! Nada!

Here’s some material that equips you to conduct  an education session/discussion at your next sales meeting. Study this article from McKinsey & Company. Use this PowerPoint. Teach your team. Give them the Decision-Making Checklist. Expect them to use the knowledge.

Differentiate your organizational knowledge!

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