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H-Rep Sell Cycle Time: 16 Months. E-Rep: 37 Days

By February 26, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep, Metrics

Average Sell Cycle Time:  16 Months
E-Rep Assisted Sell Cycle Time:  37 Days

I left something out of the E-Rep Success Story I blogged about recently.  Frankly, I was so focused on the fact that my E-Rep helped close a deal within the first 4 months of its existence that I completely lost sight of a far more significant metric – the sell cycle for me, my “H-Rep.”

A bit more detail…  Over a 7 year period, the average sell cycle time for a Sales Excellence Council has been 482 days, about 16 months.  80% closed within 13-17 months.  The longest was 4 years, 8 days.  (Ouch!)  The shortest had been a bit over 8 months.  This time it was only 37 days!!!


An anomaly?  Perhaps, but I doubt it.  By the way…  Do you have the data to create graphs like the one above?  If you don’t, how do you know which of your sales reps sells your products and services in the least amount of time?  How do you identify best practices that reduce your sell cycle?

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