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Go for the “High Hanging Fruit!”

By April 1, 2014July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

ReachForTheTopOne of the best things about all the interviews I do on Manufacturing Revival Radio is the insight I get from the downright fascinating guests.  Ray Attiyah is one of those guests.  It’s well worth your time to listen to this guy!

Lucky for me, I got to pick his brain not only during the interview, but before and after as well.  Just had to pass along one more tidbit…

As he was packing up to leave the studio, Ray talked about how he had to get back to “work” [you can picture the air quotes he made with his fingers] and was fired up about “tackling more high hanging fruit.”  Think about that.

Anybody can grab the low hanging fruit.  Ho-hum.

So get up yourself.  Go for some of that high-hanging stuff!