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Frittering away your trade show investment

By October 15, 2013July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

Wasting stuff always creates feelings of guilt for me.  Maybe because my dad frequently let me know that, “you don’t know how good you have it.”  Maybe because my mom (when brussels sprouts were involved) reminded me that “children in Africa are starving.”  To this day I save handouts so I can print routine, internal stuff on the blank flip side.

So it’s hard not to cry when I watch a company flush $100,000 or more trade show investment dollars right down the toilet.

wastePicture McCormick Center in Chicago.  Picture a show with close to 6,000 exhibitors and over 14,000 attendees.  Customer-wise, it’s literally the poster child for the legendary “target rich environment.”  The booth in question is right across the aisle from the booth my client occupies.  It’s a 10 X 20.  First class backdrops.  Three BIG pieces of impressively shiny equipment.  Two separate video monitors looping through quite well-made presentations.  Two guys staffing that booth throughout all eight hours of all three exhibit floor days.

It was easily a $100,000 investment.  I doubt they got a single lead worth doodley squat.

These two “sales professionals” sat there throughout all 24 of those working hours waiting patiently for someone to stop by and ask questions.  Damn few takers.  The one guy staffing the booth DID, however, get to spend a a ton of time – literally hours – chatting up the attractive young woman who was scanning QR codes on the badges of the passers by.  Judging from her reaction, this dude not only got zero leads, he didn’t get a date either.

Just as sad, I met another guy in the Atlanta airport on the way to the show…  He told me he was NOT exhibiting at this year’s event because last year – for his 100 grand – he got 8 leads.  Count ’em:  E-I-G-H-T.

My client on the other hand, got 61 decision-maker-level execs to walk across that massive trade show floor specifically to visit their booth.  (Of that 61, by the way, 17 were carried a CEO or President title.  Yes, Virginia, 17 top dogs came to them!)  Assuming they get the same hit rate as last year, they’ll close 8 or so deals within 90 days or so, pay back the show investment and lock in another set of multi-year clients.

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