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The employee too valuable to fire

By September 6, 2015July 15th, 2018Leadership

StressYou know who I’m talking about. You might be “lucky” enough to have an employee of your very own who is simply too valuable and too productive to fire. Even though they drive you crazy on a regular basis!

So what’s a sales leader to do?

Pulling your hair out is not an option. Nor is putting up with your valuable problem rep. It’s just not healthy. Not for you. Not for the rep. Not for the rest of your team. Not for the rest of your company.  You need to do something, and fortunately, I know the founder of an outfit that specializes in providing actionable insight into a company’s people challenges.

Vicki Lauter of Strategic Human Insights to the rescue!

Click to read “How to Remedy the Problems Caused by the Employee Too Valuable to Fire.” To follow up you could also give Vicki a call at 404-444-8072.

Finally, click the logo below and check out her web site. It’s loaded with outstanding HR stuff no sales leader can live without.


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