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Elevator, Escalator, or Twit-Pitch?

By August 22, 2011July 15th, 2018Differentiation

We all know how important it is to have a rock-solid elevator pitch.  When you only have that elevator-ride’s-worth of time, it’s essential to pack a lot of content into two, at most three paragraphs.

How about an escalator pitch.?  You’re riding up; the customer is riding down.  Now your content needs to fit neatly into two, maybe three sentences.  Otherwise, one or both of you is staring in the wrong direction and bound for a crash landing.  Not good.

Why not take it a step further?  How about a twit-pitch?  Stuff your content into a Twitter-sized, 140 character packet.  If you can do it, you’ll have one powerfully pithy pitch! (Stowe Boyd has been credited with coining the phrase “twit-pitch.”)

Here’s my shot at a twit-pitch for The YPS Group:  “We’ll show you how to endlessly grow your effective sales capacity.” Intriguing notion to a sales executive?  You tell me.

What’s your twit-pitch?

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