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The crucial nature of educating your customers about Best Practices

By September 15, 2015July 15th, 2018Best Practices, Continuous Improvement

Take a look at the graph below. It’s from the article “Productivity Is Soaring at Top Firms and Sluggish Everywhere Else” by Chiara Criscuolo published in The Harvard Business Review, August 24, 2015.

productivityThe message is quite simple. Productivity growth in a few organizations is skyrocketing. Productivity growth in most organizations is slowing down. Hmphhh. The article reaches a conclusion that will depress anybody in a sales leadership role.

“…the productivity problem isn’t a lack of global innovation. It’s a failure by many firms to adopt new technologies and best practices. Indeed, the main source of the productivity slowdown is not a slowing in the rate of innovation by the most globally advanced firms, but rather a slowing of the pace at which innovations spread throughout the economy: a breakdown of the diffusion machine.”

Wait… Did I say that conclusion would make a sales leader feel depressed? No that I think about, what a great opportunity for sales leaders!

By definition, sales leaders are “diffusion machines.”

The guts of our job is to help our customers “adopt new technologies and best practices.” Our business focus must be and is all about providing information, education and innovation to customers that boosts their productivity and therefore their profitability.

The real challenge is to get dramatically better at deploying Sales Process Media; at curating, extracting and creating relevant insights. It’s an outstanding way crank up that diffusion machine. Here’s something that will help.

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