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e-Rep = Relentless Attention

By July 27, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep

Think about your important contacts.  Think about how much time and attention you’d really like to be able to devote to each one.  The pragmatic fact of the matter is you’re forced to ignore every one of them most of the time.  Ouch!!!

Like it or not, you, as an H-Rep (a Human-Rep) cannot be in two places at once.  (Even though you want/need to be in 15 or 20 places at once all the time.)  Your focus on individuals by necessity is as shown below.

Sometimes you ignore somebody totally.  Sometimes you invest tons of time.  The amount ebbs and flows based mainly on current events mostly out of your control, and occasionally on specific objectives you have set.

If only there were a way to constantly reach out and touch them all…

Well, some lucky reps actually pull it off!  There is a way.  Those who have created and look after the care and feeding of an e-Rep, an electronic alter-ego, are constantly, relentlessly and consistently available 24 X 7 X 365.  You have an effective, hard-working e-Rep if:

  • You’ve set up “Listening Posts” using an RSS Reader, Google Alerts and Twitter Search and/or other similar tools; and…
  • You have a LinkedIn Profile; and…
  • You belong to and participate in at least one LinkedIn Group
  • You micro-blog multiple times per week using LinkedIn Share and/or Twitter
  • You blog at least once a week, posting useful text, image, audio and video content

That’s only five action items.  A handful of not-all-that-hard-to-execute habits fill in all the dead spots as shown below.

Don’t have an e-Rep yet?  No?  Are you nuts?

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