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e-Rep Is A Great Idea, But I’m Too “X”

By June 25, 2011July 15th, 2018E-Rep

I’ve heard ’em all. Every reason why creating and maintaining an e-Rep is a great idea, but not for me because…

  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t know what to blog about
  • I’m no tech whiz
  • It’s too complex
  • It’s too hard to learn how
  • I’m a sales pro, not a techo-geek
  • Blah, blah, bull-feathers!

Oh, and let me not forget my favorite, “My customers don’t use or pay attention to that stuff.”  Right.  They don’t use Google.  They don’t read or learn anything from internet-based sources. Please…

The real reason you haven’t begun building an e-Rep?  You fear change or are just plain too lazy.  Sound like a bit of a harsh judgment?  Harsh?  Yes.  Accurate?  Also, yes.

Let’s examine an example. Let’s take a guy who in less than 30 days took himself from “just-about-e-Rep-clueless” to creating a blog with some amazingly good content.  Start by putting yourself in the place of one of his customers.  In this case it’s a manager in an Assisted Living Facility; the person who recommends home healthcare providers to families of patients being discharged.  This customer loves her job and is deeply committed to providing the best of care to her patients.  Watch the video on this blog post that was produced by this crazy-busy home healthcare sales pro…

If that didn’t at least bring the start of a tear to your eye, you have no soul!  How do you think that customer, the ALF manager reacted to this?  Do you think our intrepid sales rep improved his relationship with his customer?

Back to YOUR reluctance to build an e-Rep…  The sales pro who made the video you just watched started with zero knowledge about blogs and zero knowledge of video editing, and in a month produced “the video” along with this post, this post and this post.  The guy’s on a roll.  He has an electronic sales assistant now that works 24 X 7 X 365.  He already has customers, talking about and e-mailing links to his blog to other key contacts in his industry.

Go ahead, tell me he’s not a more effective sales rep today than he was last month.

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