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Dunbar 150 – Dreamland 45,000

By July 15, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep

Two colleagues and I have decided to profoundly change the way B2B sales is executed.  (Really… We did…)

It all started last November at a barbecue joint in Birmingham, AL.  (Read about our Dreamland experience.)  At the time, none of us knew the other two also had the Don Quixote gene, ever-ready to embark on a grand quest.  It’s been a fascinating ride so far, and the windmills keep getting interestinger and interestinger.

E-Rep – the electronic alter-ego of the “H” or Human Rep – is at the core of our vision.  We convinced a real, live client to buy in.  They’re paying us real, live money to build one.  More accurately, to build them a set of E-Reps; one for each of their H-Reps.  This train has left the station…

There are lots of reasons we think we can pull this off, one of the main ones being Dunbar’s Number.  Based on lots of anthropological data, Dunbar says a single person can maintain a stable relationship with at most 150 others.  We can’t prove it (yet), but we think a rudimentary E-Rep can maintain stable relationships with 45,000.

For just a moment, assume we’re not insane.  Assume it’s actually possible.  You could enter the business battleground backed by an army of 45,000.  Your competitor enters with 150.  The poor slob brought a knife to gunfight.

Might be worth your while to keep an eye on Dreamland Interactive.

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