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Do You Listen To Your Customers?

By September 8, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep

Well, do ya’??? It’s so, so easy to say, “Of course! I’m not a silver-tongued devil, I’m a silver-eared devil.”

OK, let’s say you actually do listen intently after you ask a question.  Let’s also say you’re constantly alert for stray comments, body language and all the little nuances of customer communication.  With all that, is it possible for you to totally miss a massive buy signal?

Before you answer, “Yes, of course,” read this post.  (Then read the series.)  And don’t give me any baloney about how this example is B2C, or not your industry or some other load of self-righteous crapola.  This is a $24 Billion (with a “B”) company.  They continue to stiff a loyal, trying-desperately-to-be-helpful customer.  Their inattention would have driven this guy off if he weren’t on a mission to make a point.  The point?

Listen on the customer’s terms, knucklehead!

It’s obvious that the Publix corporate marketing team is oblivious to e-Rep and social media. Are you equally oblivious?

Think About It…

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