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Digital Doughnuts

By April 26, 2016July 15th, 2018Best Practices, Sales Process Media


  1. a mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead
  2. a sales professional who has never brought doughnuts to a customer

doughnutsIt’s really the second definition that’s relevant here. We’ve all done it. Maybe just a few times. Maybe it’s a regular feature of our routine. Doesn’t matter. (I’m particularly lucky to live in the South, where Krispy Kreme locations are everywhere!)

Has a “doughnut drop” ever had a massive impact on a customer relationship? Massive??? A little gesture that’s appreciated, of course. But a gesture that’s long remembered? No way.

So why bother?

Why bother indeed if you do so once. But what if it’s a good, long-time customer? And you’ve dropped the doughnuts every month for a year or two? Still not a “massive” impact on customer relationship to be sure, but you will be “the doughnut guy.” You will get remembered.

So now let’s talk about Sales Process Media as “digital doughnuts.”. No mess, no calories no guilty feelings, (and sadly no sugar buzz…) BUT! A bit of knowledge, a story, the missing link to an insight that solves that thorny problem.

Any and all of those things can come from an article, a podcast, a quick video. Send one of those things once and have a lasting impact? It’s like the one doughnut. Quickly forgotten.

Send a hunk of useful digital content that enlightens, inspires or at a minimum spotlights you and your value every month (or week) for a year and you WILL be “insights guy.” You will be remembered. Remembered as someone who helps solve business problems.

To be honest (and rightly or wrongly) I’ve disparaged the “doughnut drop” for years as non-relevant in reinforcing the value of my products and services. “Digital doughnuts” though? Highly relevant. Highly useful. We should all be delivering digital doughnuts to all our customers and prospects all the time.

Think about it…


And finally, in the spirit of full disclosure, I credit my friend and colleague Rick Howe, President of The Knotts Company with coining the term “digital doughnuts.”

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