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brain_crashTwo things came crashing into my brain after a recent interview on The Healthcare Insider.  A fellow named Brad Dodge was the guest.  Here’s a guy who started a marketing communications company, Dodge Communications, 13 years ago and has built it into a 50 person machine that is extremely respected in the healthcare IT space.  Brad is the source of both the things.

Thing #1:  Use a podcast to meet and learn from smart people.

Of the many beautiful things about being in sales, getting to meet and learn from a never-ending parade of smart, accomplished people ranks right up there with the beautifulist.  As I look back over 39 (Yikes!) years and mentally make a graph of the number of people per month I meet and have the opportunity to engage in meaningful deep conversations, an interesting phenomenon occurs.  There’s this HUGE upward leap in the number of such conversations that occurred just over three years ago.

So what happened just over three years ago?  I started podcasting.  I’ve met a ton more people.  I’ve learned more.  I’m generating more sales than I ever have.  And it leaves me with a question for you.  What should I think about the sales rep who thinks podcasting is a dumb way to grow sales?  Actually it’s two questions – and the second one is even more painful to contemplate.  What should I think about the sales rep who thinks podcasting is a great way to grow sales, but who never gets around to podcasting?

Think #2:  Decomplexify.

I asked Brad Dodge the one thing he does that his clients value most.  He said is was decomplexifying what his client’s products and services accomplish.  That was it.

Now we spent another 30 minutes in the actual interview talking about how one decomplexifies stuff.  And another half hour after the interview.  And we’ve got another meeting scheduled to continue the discussion.

What an awesome value proposition.

My advice today?  1) Start your own podcast – NOW.  2) Decomplexify