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A critical prerequisite for sales leadership success

By September 4, 2017July 15th, 2018Wellness

So what’s this critical prerequisite for sales leadership success?

Obviously there is no single or simple answer. For me though… One notion in particular has felt like a secret to success. The thought crystallized for me, back in 1982. (Ouch… I was still a young man then! Here’s more about that.) And here’s the notion:

Have more fun than anyone else you know.

If you’re having fun as a sales leader, genuinely enjoying being a sales leader, that joy will make you better. Which makes it even more fun, which makes you even better, etc., etc., etc.

So how – as a creative, disciplined, process-and-metrics-driven sales leader – do you implement this “fun” thing into your routine? It’s not that hard and it’s only three things:

Wellness provides a physical, mental and spiritual foundation for your career. (Without it, forget it. Success ain’t happening.) “SPE” provides a well-defined sales process with objective metrics to objectively track quality and progress toward the (unattainable) “perfect” sales process. Your  IV Score helps consolidate your business and personal life into an awesome whole.

Together, this trio generates not only sales leadership success, but also provides you with a legitimate basis to claim, as I do…

“I’m having more fun than anyone else I know.”

Seriously. I mean it. I am having more fun than you are. My IV Score (as I post this) is 138. The runner-up only has 111 points. What’s your IV Score? What’s the status of your Sales Process Engineering effort? How do you stack up in terms of your overall Wellness?

Answer the questions.

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