Why are you successful? What is the root cause of your success?  Do you know?  Have you ever thought about it seriously?

I could be wrong, but I think business success springs from the ability to learn faster than everyone around you.  The ability to learn faster springs from writing down a personal learning process, working it like crazy and measuring results.

Here’s an example of how a few of my habits helped me learn faster today…

  • Habit 1: Follow 20-25 blogs.  Each month, pick 10 of those and read every post.  Each month, drop the 5 least valuable and add 5 new ones.
  • Habit 2: Identify colleagues and contacts who maybe, just maybe might be learning faster than me.  Watch them, follow them, learn what they know …then learn just a bit more to stay ahead.
  • Habit 3: Continuously reach outside the familiar to gain perspective from as wide a variety of fields as possible.  Apply what you learn to your own career and business.

What I Learned Today:

  • Aggressively seek the perspectives of colleagues and contacts from all the age groups represented in the work force.  The life experiences of 20-somethings are different from 30-somethings, which are different from 40-somethings, which are different from 50-somethings which are different from 60-somethings which are different from 70-somethings.  Each perspective has its own unique value.  Lesson Source: Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook – May 5 post
  • Todd Schnick of Intrepid learned something before I did.  See his May 4 post and watch the video.  While you’re there, watch the video in the upper left too.  See Habit 2 above.  (He’s a 40-something, I think…  Did I just age you, Schnick?)
  • TED is an outstanding source of knowledge and insight.  Actually, I already knew this, and had to re-learn it today.  Brian Hermanson, then Executive Director of the Cobb Symphony Orchestra turned me on to TED about 18 months ago.  He’s a 20-something who’s going places as indicated by the fact that he has a new, bigger/badder/better job with the San Luis Obispo Symphony.  See Habit 3 above.

Hey, you!!!  Yeah you!!!  I can learn faster than you.  Wanna’ race?

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