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Couldn’t have said it better myself

By March 10, 2010July 15th, 2018Best Practices, Continuous Improvement, CRM

Actually, I have been saying it myself; for over ten years now – for my whole career really.  “It,”  in this case being this blog post.  It talks about process, it talks about metrics, it talks about best practices, it talks about CRM – daily use of CRM, it talks about sales and marketing working together seamlessly, and my absolute favorite:

“Sales management will use your CRM data to help you get better, it will be a science.”

As I read Chad Levitt’s post for the third time, I began to wonder, “Who is this guy?”  I figured he, like me, must be a crusty old veteran of the sales wars.  Somebody that’s been around the block a few hundred times AND is obsessed with continuous improvement, continuous learning and continuous experimentation with new tools and technologies that can help me sell more faster.

Mostly, I pegged him right on the money.  Except for the “crusty old” part.  …and it’s the fact that he’s a “millennial” that makes his post that much more compelling.  He grew up immersed in all this “web 2.0” stuff.  For him, using it is as second nature as shaking hands or using the phone as a sales tool.  He’s not hung up on “that’s the nature of the business and the people in it.”  He’s focused on finding new and better tools and best practices to exploit all available resources.

Sometimes I grow weary of being up my soap box preaching at the subset of you 30-40-50-somethings that are hell-bent on using only the same tools, techniques and technologies you learned to use 10-20-30 years ago.  You know who you are!  Get with the program!  Of course, use your experience and most of the traditional tools.  Just keep adding to the that expertise and tool box.

Does the cartoon apply to the customer?  The sales rep?  Both?


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