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The rawest rookie sales rep gets coached by his or her astute sales manager to set up and faithfully execute a one-on-one personal-interaction-with-all-contacts-in-the-territory plan. Typically there’s a matrix with rows labeled Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and columns labeled Face-To-Face, Telephone, E-Mail.  (Or better still, the contact plan is baked into the CRM system with appropriate reminders.)

networkMany sales managers inspect how closely their reps follow this plan. Makes perfect sense. While nurturing relationships is far from the only aspect of the sales professional’s role, it’s sure as heck one of the most important.

But how many sales managers have a similar customer communication plan?

With the press of day-to-day business issues, fire-fighting and the myriad other items on the ToDo list, it becomes oh so easy to be too busy to communicate with customers.  Ouch… Would you as a sales manager accept one of those “explanations” from a member of your team? Double ouch…

Sales Managers Of The World! Put that customer communication plan in place and hold yourself accountable to it!