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The Comfort Zone Paradox

By October 27, 2015July 15th, 2018Sales Management Development

resistchangeOne of my personal favorite definitions of “Sales Professional” is:  one who gently, yet relentlessly pushes people out of their comfort zones for their own good.

And there is no doubt that we as sales leaders and professionals spend most of our days getting other people to implement change. “Change is good,” we say. “Change is essential,” we tell our customers and prospects.

Change for whom?

What about change for sales leaders and professionals? After 17 years in sales management consulting, it is abundantly clear that we sales folk – we “change agents” – are every bit as resistant to stepping outside our comfort zones and changing things up as our wimpiest, most cowardly, most change-resistant, dumbest customer.

Be honest with yourself!

Don’t want to use the new CRM system? Is it because your system of using scraps of paper, spreadsheets, memory and dumb luck is more efficient and effective? Or is it because it’s uncomfortable to know that most of your peers have more robust funnels, better close rates and shorter sell cycles?

Don’t want to record a video of you delivering your value proposition? Is it because that’s a bad idea? Or is it because when you try it the first time, you sound like a blithering idiot?

Delay and delay presenting that new product to an existing customer? Is it because the new product is garbage? Or is it because you’re too damn lazy to modify “your way” of doing a sales call?

OK, so here I am poking you in the eye for not stepping outside your comfort zone. For not learning, stretching, experimenting, growing, improving. I guess that means, I need to step outside my own comfort zone to prove I’m not a wimp. (Like you???)

Well tomorrow, I’m going the “Face The H.” I’m going public, without a net, without the opportunity for a do-over, and pitching my value proposition in two minutes or less to an eleven year old. He might well say, “I don’t get it.” That would mean I don’t really know my own value proposition!

I’ll post the result on this blog next week. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous, but… I’m not chicken to step outside my comfort zone. Are you?

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