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Let ‘Em Have It

By September 11, 2010July 15th, 2018Best Practices

We’ve all gotten inadvertently poked in the eye.  Ouch X 10!  Ain’t nothin’ quite so painful.  Polite people would never, ever do such a thing to anyone.  Certainly not a friend, or an acquaintance or even a total stranger.  It’s just …well, so mean.

“Au contraire,” I’d like to suggest.  If you’re a manager, mentor, colleague, consultant, partner or friend, you’re a total jerk if you don’t regularly poke your counterpart in the eye.  (Figuratively, of course.)  Those who respect your opinion expect you to be honest.  They crave your unvarnished, gut reaction be it good, bad or indifferent.  Every bit of constructive criticism can produce a bit of improvement.

Try this:  Make a deal with 3 or 4 trusted, known peers, colleagues, mentors, etc.  Set an expectation that once a month, each member of the group will deliver on “eye-poke” to every other member.  Then watch performance make a steady march upward.

Think About It…

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