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Business Talk Radio. It Sells!!!

By August 31, 2011July 15th, 2018Radio

I hope this doesn’t come across as tooting my own horn too much, but it’s just too cool a story to not share.  And, oh by the way, it’s a great example of deploying a content marketing strategy…

My Dreamland Radio partner, Todd Schnick and I recently interviewed the CEO and a technical support specialist from Medical Electronic Attachment and National Electronic Attachment on Community Service Radio.  As I listened to the recording, it struck me that we had created a complexly rich and compelling piece of content that both illustrates effective business strategies and sells/markets the services of multiple organizations.  The business strategies:

  • A “Serve Your Community” corporate culture is good for business (MEA-NEA has a 99% customer retention rate!!!)
  • A business talk radio show captures not only great content, but the spirit of and enthusiasm behind that content (Ya’ gotta’ listen to really get what I mean.)

The beneficiaries of the sales/marketing messages:

  1. Medical Electronic Attachment
  2. National Electronic Attachment
  3. Business Technology News Hour
  4. The Proven Method
  5. The Love Tour
  6. Florida Disney Childrens’ Hospital
  7. Alliance for Children Everywhere
  8. Georgia Symphony Orchestra
  9. The YPS Group
  10. Intrepid
  11. Dreamland Interactive

Are you kidding me?  Eleven different organizations get positive exposure and SEO bumps from a single interview???

And just to put icing on the cake…  Listen to the short clip below.  Will Williams, the tech support guy, was hoping he could snag a six-month leave of absence to give his musical talents to a humanitarian cause.  Lindy Benton, the CEO, made it happen on the spot!  And Schnick and I scored tickets to the first show!

Will Williams goes on tour!

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