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Nobody, and I mean nobody, I’ve ever talked to about Sales Process Media (SPM) disputes its value in advancing a sales process. If you had all of the knowledge, experience and insight of your entire sales team embedded in digital format (image, text, audio, video) and available for on-demand distribution 24 X 7 X 365, you would have an awesome competitive advantage. No customer or prospect question would ever go unanswered. The reach of your message would be limited only by the reach of the internet itself.

We all need Sales Process Media, but creating SPM is oh so challenging.

elephantPardon the cliché, but the only way to eat that elephant is one bite at a time. So here are a few bites… Take a quick look at this and this, then start building Blogs, Drips, Landings & Mini-Series.

Blogs:  You know what a blog is. If you don’t have one, start one. Now! If you don’t have the budget for one, get a freebie here. If you do have one, post something to it every week. Even if your writing stinks, it will improve with time. And you can also use the content of others by employing a curation strategy. Your blog (and/or your organization’s blog) is your SPM base. Ya’ gotta’ have it.

Drips:  You know what an e-mail distribution list is. Create, maintain and use several of them to send bits of valuable knowledge to selected customers on a regular basis. Emphasis on “bits” and “valuable!” (Did you really need me to tell this?) And don’t forget that your blog must have a “Sign-Up for e-Mail” option.

Landings:  Or more specifically, Landing Pages. A Landing Page is a highly focused, single-purpose, standalone web page. Most significantly, a Landing Page has a very clear Call-To-Action! (or even multiple calls to action) That call could be as soft-sell as Read more about Sales Management Development, as direct as Buy Now!, or something in-between like Sign up for short course on Content Harvesting.

Mini-Series:  You know what a TV mini-series is. Pick a key product or service of yours and make your own mini-series. Doesn’t have to be video-based. Could be. Or could be audio. Could be plain text. Could be some combination. Here’s an example for Content Harvesting, an essential foundation for a robust Sales Process Media strategy

If the above sounds like a ton of work, that’s because it IS a ton of work. It took you your life-to-date to learn what you now know. To learn enough to lead your team to sell more faster. Sales Process Media accelerates and extends your ability to use all that learning to sell even more, even faster.