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Blogging too hard for you?

By August 29, 2013July 15th, 2018Blog

I’ve heard so many sales reps, managers and executives say that regularly blogging is just too hard to do that I’m almost ready to believe it myself.  Almost…

talkActually, no.  Not even almost.  Actually, it doesn’t even matter if it’s hard or not.  It’s essential. It’s non-negotiable.

Let’s not ever forget that when a prospect googles to find out where to buy products and services like yours, if you’re not there – all over the place – not you, but your competitor will get found.

Certainly there will be times when life intervenes and there simply isn’t time to write the weekly/bi-weekly/daily blog post.  (Yes, I AM implying that 52 posts a year should be your minimum!) And now and then you – and I – just flat don’t feel like doing it.  (Yes, I am giving us permission to skip a week or two once in a blue moon.  As long as we make up the difference later.)

So… given that regular blogging is essential, and non-negotiable, and, yes, challenging, how can we all get it done?  The simple answer is talk.  You have a smart phone.  Talk to it.  Driving away after a customer call?  Repeat your sales pitch to the audio recording app on your phone.  Address that objection again.  Re-review that interesting bit of insight your customer shared with you.

Publish what you record as an audio blog post.  Want to get even smarter about it?  Download something like Dragon Dictation.  Apps like it transcribe your spech so you can edit your remarks and then publish as a more typical text post.

It’s that simple.  Do it!  When they google, make sure you are there.