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I just read the bio of an author whose business book I was about buy. The bio contained the word “guru.”  I did not buy the book. Someone who uses the self-descriptor “guru” isn’t. It tells me that the poor sap is probably desperate for some recognition; or maybe at least one book sale to a non-family member.

…not only that!

Anyone who does not stop others from bestowing that dopey descriptor is just as bad. It smacks of the distasteful flavor of phony humility. Phony humility about some alleged expertise.

…which reminds me!

Ditto all of the above for the self-described “expert.” Anyone who genuinely pursues expertise of any kind knows that the more one learns, the more one realizes how much remains unknown.

…and one more thing!

“Secret sauce.” Seriously? Maybe NASA or the NSA or the visitors from outer space maybe have some secret sauce. A google search will turn up gobs of detail on whatever other “secret” the “expert guru” claims to know.

So, my friends, beware the south-facing ends of all northbound bulls.