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Be a Why-ner!

Guest post by Rick Howe, CEO of The Knotts Company

Be a Why-ner!

What is your best question when you are engaging a customer through your selling process and their buying process? Even though I am no longer on the front lines selling, I am still a salesman at heart and when I listen to salespeople probing, qualifying and asking questions they still miss what I think is the best question to ask and that is……. Why?

When you were little or if you have young children, the question why is a nonstop occurrence! That’s how you learn. To really get to a deeper discussion, it’s a necessity. How else do you find out how things work, how people think, how products are made and what drives decisions? How else can you be sure to address their concerns, their issues and deliver value if you don’t know why? So Why not ask why?

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