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An action item for EVERY sales rep

By November 26, 2009July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

by Todd Youngblood

I lay no claim to any special or unique ability to craft compelling value propositions. I DO claim to work at it more than most, however. My belief is we all need VPs at 5 distinct levels:

1. Overall Corporate Value Proposition
2. Value Proposition for each Industry Served
3. Value Proposition for each Line of Business
4. Value Proposition for each Customer
5. Value Propositions for each specific Opportunity

Number 5 is the easiest (but not easy) and number 1 is the most difficult. Most at level 1 strike me as hollow claims of “leadership” at something or another or “superior service.” Ughhh …empty corporate-speak BS.

Here’s the action item: Start building your collection of value propositions at all 5 levels. Invest 30 minutes a week at it. Keep improving each of them. Do it!

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