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Adapt or Die! (please…)

By April 3, 2013July 15th, 2018E-Rep

It’s so frustrating sometimes working with seasoned, successful sales pros.  You know these folks.  We all admire these folks.  They’re the ones knocking out the numbers day after day, week after week, year after year.  They’re dependable.  They’re making the big bucks – deservedly so.  They mentor the younger folks.

They don’t need to change to finish out a successful career.

And that’s the part that makes me want to cry.  Seems like I’m running into it more and more lately.  “I’m hitting my numbers.  Get away from me with this e-Rep stuff.  I don’t need it to be successful.”  Ohhhhhhhh…

Yes, it’s true.  A seasoned successful sales pro doesn’t need an e-Rep to be successful.  And I didn’t need a slide rule to successfully get through all the Chemistry and Physics courses that were prerequisites to my Biology degree.

The best available in 1971

The best available in 1971

Yes, that’s my very own slide rule.  Found it last weekend as I was cleaning out my attic.  It was a HUGE help, an enormous time-saver vs. working out all those equations by hand.

Here’s the point.

Learning how to use a slide rule is hard.  “But, Dr. Quevedo, I can easily bang out these calculations with pencil and paper” (I clearly remember saying that!)  He forced a very unwilling me to learn.  And I was grateful.  Let me repeat that…

And I was grateful.

After the learning curve, calculating took about 10% of time it used to take.  Accuracy was better.  It was easier to stay focused on the Chemistry or Physics vs. getting side-tracked with the math.

So please, please, seasoned, successful sales pro, adapt tools that will make you more effective.  Even if learning how is hard – and time-consuming – and frustrating.  The e-Rep of today is the slide rule of yesteryear.


PS My mom bought me a “modern” calculator for Christmas in ’72, and the slide rule hasn’t been used since.  That too is part of the lesson here.  Sure we’ll all adapt the easy stuff – like calculator instead of slide rule.  Let’s just not be lazy and only adapt the easy stuff!

Go build that e-Rep.  NOW!!!