Our Mission: Enable our clients to methodically, relentlessly and continuously generate an 8 to 12% annual, incremental increase in effective sales capacity.

The YPS Group, founded in 1999, is dedicated to the methodical, relentless continuous improvement and development of our clients’ Sales Management. We do so by working with sales managers to effectively implement Sales Process Engineering and an effective Sales Process Media strategy.

  • Sales Process Engineering is a rigorous, data-based sales management methodology that rapidly identifies and propagates best practices, removes inhibitors to sales growth and ensures continuous improvement of the sales process. (Download a sample Sales Excellence Council proposal for more insight.)
  • Sales Process Media┬áis a library of “all” of the knowledge, experience and insight of your entire sales and sales support team embedded in digital form. It is image, text, audio, video and combinations thereof available for on-demand distribution 24 X 7 X 365. It is a digital sales assistant with massive detail regarding applications, products, services and support that never has a bad day. It is a knowledge base that both engages and supports customers and prospects at all stages of the sales process above and beyond traditional sales calls.

Learn more about how you too can drive an 8 to 12% annual increase in your effective sales capacity by exploring this site, taking advantage of our many free resources and then working with us to launch a Sales Process Engineering effort or Sales Process Media initiative for your organization.

Our Mission

Is this 8-12% sales performance boost for real?

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