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A story about GOOD customer service (for once…)

By June 26, 2012July 15th, 2018Differentiation

My Dreamland Radio co-host and I do a boatload of interviews.  Given that, we have become pretty picky about the equipment we use.  Sound quality is paramount, ease of use is critical (we’re both sales and marketing guys after all) and guest comfort is a huge deal.

So we decided to test a new type of headset/mics.  Our local Guitar Center has provided a good bit of advice and help over the years, so of course we bought them from there.  Successful test!  The next logical step was to get two more pairs so we would have a compete matching set.

That’s where the problem happened.

We ordered two, got billed for two, paid for two, the packing list said two, but we only got one.  Ugh…..  Yours truly got stuck with calling customer service to attempt to straighten it all out.

That’s when “delighted customer syndrome” kicked in.

Karen Pilliod, CFO of Advanced Control Solutions wearing the new headset

Kenny answers the phone on the third ring on a Saturday morning.  I explain the situation.  His next comment floored me.  “Well, we’ll just need to get that fixed right away.”  We’ll just need to get that fixed right away?  Really?

Less than five minutes later I had:

  • Approval from two levels of supervisors
  • An order number
  • An invoice for $0.00
  • A professional apology for my time and trouble
  • Another apology that the shipment wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday (since their next UPS pickup wasn’t till Monday)

Thanks, Guitar Center and kudos to you!  Everybody should buy their stuff from you guys.