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A Selling With Social Media Example

By June 17, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep, Podcast

OK, sales rep or manager, you tell me what, if anything, is wrong with the following scenario:

  • The Situation:
    • A host and co-host interviewing an executive about delivering customer value
    • Streamed live on the web and recorded for podcast and on-demand streaming
  • The Players:
  • The Target Audiences:
    • Manufacturing companies …all of whom extensively need and apply Control System Integration (The executive’s target market)
    • Control System Integrators (The CSIA’s target market)
    • Both of the above (my target market)
  • Who Got Value & How?
    • Executives, managers and professionals at manufacturing companies; they got insights into the power of “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”
    • Avanceon; Marty did a great job of demonstrating his expertise and how his customers can derive value from working with his company
    • Control System Integrators Association; Bob provided an on-demand marketing vehicle for Marty & demonstrated how the CSIA can do the same for any of its current or prospective members
    • Me; I sure hope Marty & Bob give me some brownie points for orchestrating the whole thing and helping them sell a bit more, a bit faster

Unless you’re into manufacturing, you won’t necessarily care about the actual content of the interview.  If you’re responsible for selling something though, I think you might want to listen to a bit of it.  More importantly, think about how you can use this scenario to establish and/or develop relationships with customer executives, while at the same time providing a valuable service to them.

Marty Michael talks about Overall Equipment Effectiveness

NOTE: I need to acknowledge Stone Payton and Todd Schnick of The High Velocity Radio Show.  Those two dudes introduced me to and taught me the concepts above.

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