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A friend’s daughter tells me that “e-mail is retarded.”

By November 26, 2009July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

by Todd Youngblood

First off, let me make it clear that I firmly believe in e-mail as an indispensable business tool. That said, my buddy’s 13 year old did have point.

So far today, I have received 3 e-mails with LARGE files attached; 2 videos and a pdf. They were all business-related, but in a general sense; in other words, not pertaining to a specific project or topic of interest to only me. The 3 folks who sent me these e-mails did so because in their judgment, I would be interested in the content.

And there’s the key…

I was interested in the content of all three. I’m willing to bet that lots and lots of my contacts’ other contacts would be interested as well. All those other contacts probably don’t want giant files cluttering up their in-boxes either. Maybe “e-mail is retarded” for this sort of thing. Actually, I want to revise that last sentence. “E-mail is retarded” for this sort of thing

That’s what blogs are for!!! If I trust you and/or like you and/or respect your opinion, I’ll read your blog. I’ll read it when it’s convenient for me. Plus, who else might see your post via a Google search? Might those strangers start to trust and respect your thoughts and opinions as well?

I think they call it “getting with the program.” Get a blog and use it! Build your credibility and reputation!

FYI – Here are links (as opposed to attachments) to the stuff I got, just in case you might be interested:

* Music Machine (Actually, this is a hoax, but still very cool.)
* Neil Rackham on Bloomberg

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