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A $30 Billion Opportunity… Can I Grab A Piece Of That Action?

By August 8, 2011July 15th, 2018Develop Relationships

My new gig as a business radio talk show host is turning out to be WAY more interesting – and potentially lucrative – than I ever expected.  I’m beginning to think I may have stumbled into a big-time powerful sales strategy.  And I think it’s one that can implemented by darn near any sales professional.

For one example, listen to this interview with Lindy Benton, CEO of EA Holdings on the Business Technology News Hour.  (Its operating units are National Electronic Attachment, Inc. and Medical Electronic Attachment, Inc.)  She talks about the $30 billion opportunity to eliminate paper in the healthcare industry.  As you listen, focus on two sales strategy elements:

  1. I was eyeball-to-eyeball with a CEO for over an hour (…in the very cool, somewhat off-beat – i.e., memorable – radio studio environment)
  2. We got deep, DEEP into the weeds of business, technology, social and strategy issues (…because that’s exactly what a guest expects during a radio interview)

In other words, I was able to establish credibility and a relationship with a decision-making executive AND gain an in-depth understanding of her goals, objectives, strategies and problems.  (Ummmm…  Last time I checked, those two things were critical and fundamental to a sales rep’s job.)

Can I get a piece of the $30 Billion opportunity Lindy Benton talked about?  We’ll see.  Suffice it to say my radio show sales strategy got me into the race.



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