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4 Pictures Worth 4,000 Words

By April 7, 2014July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

Is it important for each member of your sales team to 1) Earn the respect of C-level decision makers, and 2) Develop a level of personal rapport with those same C-level decision makers?  OK, dumb question.  Of course it’s important.  It’s critically important.  Without those two elements any sales effort is doomed to failure.  But how can a sales pro get that done?

Here’s one answer to that question.  Engage the executive in a conversation that 1) Requires thought and concentration on the part of the exec and 2) Has an element of humor.  OK, fine.  But how does one get that done?

Well, here’s one answer to that question. Execute a Trade Show Radio strategy.  Before you follow that link, take a look at the two pairs of photos below.  Tell me if the target executive decision makers (in the center of the pictures) are thinking and concentrating and enjoying themselves while doing it.

Exec #1:



Exec #2:



  • The 1st photo in each pair = A Thinking, Concentrating Executive
  • The 2nd photo in each pair = An Executive Showing a Humorous, Human Side
  • Each pair of photos = An Executive Having a Good Time Talking Business = An Executive Having a Memorable Experience = An Executive Who Will Return a Phone Call Next Week = An Executive Who Will Seriously Consider the Value You Bring to the Table

Now follow the link and read about Trade Show Radio and think about applying it within your own sales process._lscinterphex_012