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10 Things Social Media Can’t Do

By November 26, 2009July 15th, 2018Social Media

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  • Hi Todd,
    I liked your post and totally agree with the last point.

    You can be all over twitter, facebook, have a great website but if they don’t know who you are then you will be like that tree falling in the forest.

    Always like listening to your podcasts and reading your posts. I’m trying to raise money for charity and realised I had very little sales experience. And also quickly realised I need to treat it like a professional company rather than a hobby.

    Need to use my own CRM to keep a track of my ideas.


    • Todd says:


      Absolutely agree that you need to use your CRM system. Selling, be it B2B or for charity is always a long series of small positive impressions & they all need to be tracked and measured


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