Take our customer's word for it

Trade Show Radio generates sales, deepens relationships and boosts Search Engine Optimization. In the following clips, Travis Kennedy, Publisher and Pat Gallagher, Associate Publisher for Vert Markets talk about how Trade Show Radio has driven and continues to drive their sales growth. Consider how it can help you grow sales...

"We have gotten business directly from the interviews that have taken place at our booth." That's a quote. And the order came within 90 days. Trade Show Radio sells!

"It has without a doubt helped our bottom line; helped us increase revenue."

When one of the biggest players in your target market says, "This is the best thing that we have done [at a trade show] in the last ten years," you'd probably react by saying, "...we knew right then and there that this was a process that we needed to continue; as far as having these radio interviews at the booth."

Think about this one... The main reason an executive decision maker attends a trade show is to talk to prospects and customers right? The Trade Show Radio process actually gets these same folks to make the effort to visit a vendor's booth! They're surrounded by a sea of customers and they walk through the massive trade show hall to visit you, their vendor.

"Let me count the ways..." The ways Trade Show Radio energizes your sales process that is. It gets customers and prospects to come to you!

The Trade Show Radio experience continues long after the show itself. The impact carries on, and continuously helps nurture customer relationships. How? Listen to what Vert Markets does...

Trade Show Radio can help your customer decision maker look good to his boss and his boss' boss! Oh... AND provide the core material for building a powerful sales tool they can use with their customers.

After a Trade Show Radio experience, high level decision makers and C-level personnel welcome post-show follow-up.

Trade Show Radio can help eliminate "sales complacency." Re-open dialogue with past and dormant customers. Bring 'em back!


Taking it up a notch... Serving your customer's customer

When your customer uses your "Above & Beyond" service to reach out their customers, you know you have earned that "Trusted Adviser" status. In the example below, Dreamland Radio's customer provided its customer the Trade Show Radio experience. Dreamland's customer's customer took the recording, added images and produced a video that is now an educational tool for their customers.

Watch and listen, then think about the cascade of value from customer to customer's customer to customer's customer's customer... Trade Show Radio positions YOU as the source of that cascade of value.