Listen to your customers. Then act!!!

My colleague Todd Schnick tweeted this example a few hours ago…  Watch!  Listen!  Think!  Learn!  Act!

We all believe in listening to the “Voice of the Customer,” even if we don’t.  We all believe in putting our egos to the side, even if we don’t.  We all say we’re dedicated to continuous improvement, even if we make no real effort to improve.

This is one of the better examples I’ve ever seen of “practice what you preach” with regard to the above.  I quit ordering Domino’s pizze circa ’87 because even though the delivery was quick, it tasted like ketchup on cardboard.  Now here’s the CEO telling the world that a gazillion other people have the same low opinion and he’s therefore upgraded the crust, cheese and sauce.  Wow!  He posted a brutally bad assessment of his core product on YouTube.  WOW!!!

He earned another order from me.  One order.  If he delivers, he’ll have recovered a customer & I’ll renew my “D’s” addiction.  If he’s BS ‘ing me, I’ll never cut him another break.  Either way, pizza is a critical enough part of my life that I’ll tell/tweet everyone I know about my new (& improved???) assessment of Domino’s.