To win the “Race Against The Machine,” build an e-Rep

The evidence builds.  It becomes more and more clear all the time how computers, networks and “The Cloud” are steadily taking over more and more tasks up to now performed by humans. And it’s not just mundane, low-skill tasks.  It’s also highly specialized, high knowledge-content work that takes years of study and a ton of […]

Selling Is STILL One Person At A Time

Hey, Sales Pro! Do you: Wait around for the marketing department to create content for you? Consider blogging a poor use of your time? Ignore the selling punch of video – you personally creating sales videos that sell? I humbly suggest that’s crazy!!! Or do you have the opposite disease?  Do you: Focus intently over […]

Record Your Internal Meetings!!!

Have you ever said something during an internal company meeting and when you’re done think that maybe you actually said something worthwhile?  Maybe even pretty darned good?  Maybe something that can be packaged and used to help everybody sell better-cheaper-faster? It happens all the time! You say things.  Your colleagues say things.  90% or more […]