Building Market Share With Market Research

Do you really know what your customers are thinking?  Do you know what they value?  Do you know which ones are complaining?  About what? David Line, President of InfoSearch International discusses how market research combined with intelligent statistical analysis can be used to build market share. David Line, President of InfoSearch International

Metrics – Lots & Lots of Metrics

Readers of this blog have seen a lot about the indispensable value of metrics.  First, ya’ gotta’ have a defined process.  Then ya’ gotta’ measure it.  That’s the only way to know if improvement has occurred or not, and at what rate.  It’s the only way you can prove your dedication to continuous improvement.  Show […]

Give Me More Discipline & Accountability!

A comment on one of my recent posts about forecasting really got me thinking.  Here’s the comment, “Managers, grow a backbone.  Hold your people accountable and stop accepting excuses.”  My knee-jerk reaction was violent agreement. Then I started thinking…  How effective is Atilla The Hun style management?  How did I and would I react to […]

How many metrics does a sales manager need?

As a group, sales managers are not big on “managing by the numbers.” Only a very few use more than a half-dozen or so measurements to monitor the quality and effectiveness of sales performance. Most rely on two, revenue and profit. They are the ultimate indicators of success, right? Why would anyone need to know […]