Moving Everything From Raw Meat To Hand Grenades!

Jay Schoenwaelder discusses how Dorner conveyor systems are being used to move everything from raw meat to hand grenades.  What an eye-opener!  Think about the challenges in marketing a set of solutions into 1,200 different industries. From CAD Tools, to a worldwide network of specialized distributors to YouTube and FaceBook, Dorner is applying a rich, […]

Building Market Share With Market Research

Do you really know what your customers are thinking?  Do you know what they value?  Do you know which ones are complaining?  About what? David Line, President of InfoSearch International discusses how market research combined with intelligent statistical analysis can be used to build market share. David Line, President of InfoSearch International

Do You Listen To Your Customers?

Well, do ya’??? It’s so, so easy to say, “Of course! I’m not a silver-tongued devil, I’m a silver-eared devil.” OK, let’s say you actually do listen intently after you ask a question.  Let’s also say you’re constantly alert for stray comments, body language and all the little nuances of customer communication.  With all that, […]

Dunbar 150 – Dreamland 45,000

Two colleagues and I have decided to profoundly change the way B2B sales is executed.  (Really… We did…) It all started last November at a barbecue joint in Birmingham, AL.  (Read about our Dreamland experience.)  At the time, none of us knew the other two also had the Don Quixote gene, ever-ready to embark on […]