I just got another slap up-side the head

Another slap up-side the headAnd so the lesson learned?  Actually, there were three.  First, don’t ever get cocky and think you’re above executing all the basic blocking and tackling.  Second, make sure your e-Rep is robust and continuously feeding meaty, valuable text, audio and video content to your constituents out there in cyber-space.  And third…

Never, never, never pass up an opportunity to get someone signed up for your e-newsletter.

Post, but first – PLEASE… Think!

Think before you post

Put yourself into the shoes of the decision-maker.  If you can skim through some text, or listen to a short audio or watch a quick video to acquire some chunk of information or garner a bit more insight into some topic, why on earth would you burn all the time required to have a face-to-face meeting?  You wouldn’t.

As a sales pro therefore, you must post text and/or audio and/or video – and lots of it – to provide that info and insight at the exact instant the buyer wants it. 

Seems pretty obvious to me…

Picture this…  A sales assistant who:

  • Is on-call 24 X 7 X 365
  • Flawlessly delivers each of your sales messages every time
    • To anyone
    • Anywhere
    • Any time
    • On demand
    • As many times as requested
  • Relentlessly “pulls” prospects into your sphere of influence
  • Nurtures relationships with all of your contacts
  • Works for free

Too good to be true? 

No.  Actually, it’s too obvious to ignore.  Consider the following definition:

e-Rep:   An e-Rep is a digital extension of the B2B sales professional; an “electronic alter-ego.” It is developed by continuously harvesting the knowledge, experience and insight of an individual, embedding that intelligence in an electronic format (text and/or image and/or audio and/or video) and distributing and promoting it via a wide variety of electronic media like web sites, blogs, e-newsletters, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Why on earth would you not have your own e-Rep?  No matter how techno-phobic you are, you already have virtually all the skills required.  There’s a bit of start-up effort to get the thing launched, but after that it saves you time every day.

Simply put an e-Rep helps you sell more faster.

Get a copy of the e-Rep e-book now.  And sign up for this free e-newsletter to further boost your e-Rep knowledge and skills.

Publish or Perish, Baby…

Publish or Perish

You simply MUST be there when they, the buyer, do a Google search.  To be there, you must publish.  You must continuously publish strong, compelling content that showcases your value at every stage of the customer’s buying process.

It’s just that simple.  Any questions?