Business Talk Radio. It Sells!!!

I hope this doesn’t come across as tooting my own horn too much, but it’s just too cool a story to not share.  And, oh by the way, it’s a great example of deploying a content marketing strategy… My Dreamland Radio partner, Todd Schnick and I recently interviewed the CEO and a technical support specialist […]

Death Of A Business Model (Yours too?)

Being in the railroad business made most railroads blind to the transportation business.  They missed the opportunities to gobble up market share nabbed by trucks and airplanes.  Most railroads are gone.  Easy to articulate the strategies they coulda’ woulda’ shoulda’ implemented. Bethlehem Steel was in the steel business.  A realization they were in the durable […]

“Work with those ready to be worked with.”

“Work with those ready to be worked with.”  Pretty simple advice.  Pretty sound too.  Especially when it comes to embracing new techniques, technologies and tactics for selling more faster.  Or selling anything for that matter. As usual, I came by this powerfully pithy insight from contact with someone way smarter than me.  This time it […]