Prospecting – Our daily duty

Once every decade or so, a sales pro experiences a period of time when prospecting is not necessary. It’s sometimes even as much as a week, before the need for the dedicated, daily, deliberate hunt for new prospects re-appears. OK, so much for the semi-snide, tongue-in-cheek attitude… There are some great tips in the following […]

PLEASE! For your own good. Read this.

This is THE BEST argument ever for making reading an “A” item on your TODO list. The logic is particularly compelling for those of us who make a living communicating with other people. Ummmm…. that would be sales professionals and leaders. A simply outstanding article that will significantly help your career. 4 Science-Backed Reasons to […]

Yeah, I know you know this but…

Have you updated your LinkedIn profile lately? Simple & obvious, but oh so easy to overlook. Give the article below a read, then do a quick touch-up. How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Social Selling Makeover Guest Post by Emma Snider – Staff Writer, HubSpot Content Much of the conversation around social selling focuses on the […]

Contact plan for Sales Managers

The rawest rookie sales rep gets coached by his or her astute sales manager to set up and faithfully execute a one-on-one personal-interaction-with-all-contacts-in-the-territory plan. Typically there’s a matrix with rows labeled Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and columns labeled Face-To-Face, Telephone, E-Mail.  (Or better still, the contact plan is baked into the CRM system with […]

You can’t leave your brain in your pickup truck

Having been around the manufacturing industry for most of my career, I’ve seen a lot of transformation.  The biggest change in my view, has been the nature of the work out on the factory floor.  As Ray Attiyah, Chief Innovation Officer of Definity Partners and a colleague and client of mine always says, “You can’t […]