Big Data, say “Hello” to Human Nature

No business conversation is complete these days, without at least some mention of “Big Data.” And for good reason. Huge investments in the continuous collection, analysis, interpretation and application of the insights derived from massive data sets consistently generate better than expected quality improvements and ROIs. Take Electronic Medical Record systems, for example. There is […]

Funny thing about applications of your products & services…

Of course you already know that your sales team needs to maintain a “solving-customer-problems” mindset. “Sell the application not the product” truly is the only way to fly. All high performing sales professionals live that philosophy and high performing product/service development and marketing folks live it as well. There’s a funny thing about applications though. […]

Think “Lean Sales Process”

No, the point of this first post of the new year is not about a resolution to lose weight. (Although, yes, I’m doing that again this year!) The point of this first post is to focus attention on what is arguably the sales manager’s most powerful habit; Process Thinking. Re-reviewing the fundamentals of lean management […]

Milestones – so what?

Some things just plain make you think.  I was on my way to the Dreamland Radio Studio, stopped at a red light, glanced down at my dashboard and saw this: My first reaction was, “How cool is that?”  Since my car is running great, I hadn’t really been paying much attention to the fact that […]

The “Ideal Customer” Profile

Not having an Ideal Customer Profile is just plain nuts.  Can’t make my opinion any clearer than that.  So why oh why do sales teams and sales professionals still waste so much time chasing down leads and prospects that really don’t have much need of what’s being sold?  Maybe it’s as simple as not having […]